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Storytelling is the world’s oldest form of entertainment and our storytellers are passionate about sharing their art with you. The Irish word for storyteller is Seanchai, meaning a bearer of “old lore” or ‘old thoughts’ The Storyteller provides the words to engage your imagination, creating your own personal experience of Irish History and Irish Folklore. Our Stories are well researched, with the University College Dublin Folklore Department, to ensure a genuine exploration of Ireland’s uniquely rich culture.

Read more about this enchanting evening of Irish folklore and storytelling.

Our Storytellers

Johnny Daly

Johnny developed a great love of Irish history while working as a tour guide in Ireland for 15 years and established the Evening of Food, Folklore and Fairies  in 2006. The aim was to share his knowledge and passion for Irish folklore and storytelling with guests who are seeking a greater understanding of  the everyday lives of Irish people in times past and how they saw the world around them. Many visitors to Ireland are looking to experience ‘the mystical ‘ side of our culture and this night will take you back with your own imagination to that ‘mystical and unseen’ Ireland of long ago.

Philip Byrne

Philip has been telling stories and training Irish Tour guides in all aspects of our heritage for many years. He has a great love and respect for the folklore of not only his native Co.Wicklow but for all Ireland. His stories are an eclectic mix of old and new, traditional and modern. He is a member of ‘Storytellers of Ireland’.

Helena Byrne

Helena is an actress, singer and songwriter with a love for Irish folklore and storytelling. She has performed extensively throughout Ireland and the U.S.A. and is the artistic director of ‘The Break-Away Project’, a performance company based in Dublin that works toward creating links between Irish and American artists. She has worked in performance-based tourism in Ireland for over six years.

Ollie Grace

Ollie Grace has a background in the teaching of Irish History and Folklore. He teaches occasionally in universities in Ireland and the U.S.A. and is the author of a book on local history. As an Irish musician he has toured extensively in Ireland, the U.K. and the United States. He is a registered Irish National Tour Guide and has been working in tourism and heritage for twenty years.

Michael Heavey

Michael is an actor with a lifelong interest in Irish Folklore and a strong passion for storytelling. He has extensive stage experience with a particular love of Ireland’s rich literary and cultural heritage. In addition to storytelling he has performed the works of Yeats, Beckett, Wilde and Seamus Heaney.

What They’re Saying

It is a mark of the quality and authenticity of the show that even a native could sit there and be taught something new, put under a spell and taken off to another world by the sheer skill of one man bringing to life a great story.

-David Kelly, Dublin, Ireland

The room was silent as the storyteller spoke and eyes were wide , A history of Irish fairies and Irish country people. What you learn here is not only entertaining but will enrich your entire trip.

-Heather Sander, Canada

This night is the perfect introduction to Irish culture...there is simply nothing else like it.

-Kelly Saunders, Australia